why can't you see the forest for the trees?

why can't you see the forest for the trees?

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Mar 27

The Lembongan reefs are amazing, full of colour and life. 

Feb 27
Taken with the polaroid 450 land camera.Bleached and scanned

Taken with the polaroid 450 land camera.
Bleached and scanned

Feb 15
Borrowed this idea from nhjojolaworks good with the 450 :)

Borrowed this idea from nhjojola
works good with the 450 :)

Feb 13

Around 2 weeks ago i stumbled upon a Polaroid 450 land camera on eBay.
The amazing thing about this camera is that it is brand new (Never been used, still in original box, with factory seal on the leather strap).
Straight away i sold a few cameras and made my purchase. 

The Polaroid 450 Land Camera was produced in the early 70s, making this camera around 40 years old.

The 450 Land has a full metal body, tripod mount, PC socket for flash, a crisp 3 element glass lens and the formidable Zeiss Ikon rangefinder that polaroid only produced for 3 of their land cameras (250, 350 and 450).

Im so excited to shoot with it after recently modifying it to take 3V CR123 batteries. 

Dec 30

Dec 29

Toowoon Bay

Dec 24
dark depths

dark depths

Dec 23

Dec 22

been experimenting with underwater photos and black and white photoshop techniques

Nov 17

Anonymous asked: I Love your Photographs! I spent forever scrolling through your blog, one word, Perfect~

Don’t be anonymous please!! Thank you :)

Oct 19

flat rock

Oct 18

another blue mountains appreciation post

Oct 17

Blue Mountains